Online Reviews - Which Platform Gives The Biggest Bang for the Buck

In short, the answer is probably Yelp right now but we'll take an in depth look at the benefits of having reviews on multiple platforms and which are the best. Having a significant amount of positive reviews will help not only your organic search efforts but when purchasing web traffic as well. Gaining reviews for your child care business is one of the most important aspects of daycare marketing. Your potential clients have a significant amount of time to decide before making this purchase and will most certainly investigate heavily their options, wanting the absolute best for their children. While a review on any website may have a positive impact on your marketing and advertising campaigns, there are three that offer a much greater return than all others. We'll take a closer look at those below.

Coming in third place is Facebook. It is the least likely to help you acquire a lead out of our top three but will help to close that lead once you have it. A review on Facebook is t…

Importance Of Facebook In A Child Care Business

We can skip through Facebook's gaudy traffic statistics and summarize by saying that many people use Facebook often. It can be a powerful tool in not only retaining clients but acquiring them as well. You can create a significant amount of value for your business with about 10-15 minutes worth of effort a month.

In addition to checking reviews before purchasing, potential clients are increasingly looking through social media profiles to get a better idea of the company they are considering doing business with. This is particularly true in the child care industry where parents want the absolute best for their children and often have time to research facilities. Odds are, if your business is registered with your state, you already have a Facebook profile whether you created it or not. While an empty profile may not hurt your business much, it sure doesn't do anything to convince a parent to leave their child with you either.

So what kind of content should your profile include? T…